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Small Product Business Guide for Getting Ready for Mother’s Day 2024
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Small Product Business Guide for Getting Ready for Mother’s Day 2024

Mother’s Day 2024 shouldn’t be a lesser landmark in your marketing calendar. Sure, Christmas or Valentine’s Day captures people’s attention; however, Mother’s Day is a key date and a major gift-giving occasion in the UK. It’s not one to be missed.

Formerly known as “Mothering Sunday,” it originally started as a day when people would visit the local “mother church” or a church where they were baptised. However, after Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day in the US, it was popularised as a day to remember the hardest working member of any family: your mum. 

For small businesses, it’s a big opportunity – people want to go the extra mile to let their mum know how much they mean. And it’s not all about chocolates and flowers! So, to help you plan, prepare, and push Mother’s Day, I’ve put together a very helpful guide. 

Let’s get started!

When Is Mother’s Day 2024?

Mother's Day 2024

Because Mother’s Day has deep-rooted medieval traditions, the date is still determined by Easter. Mothering Sunday, or just UK Mother’s Day, always falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent, or three weeks before Easter Sunday.

In 2024, Mother’s Day is on 10th March in the United Kingdom. 

Of course, Mother’s Day isn’t a celebration for some people. Like anything to do with family, it’s vital to be sensitive to a customer’s needs. Mother’s Day can be emotionally loaded or challenging. Some people have lost their mums; others aren’t on good terms. 

Whatever the reason, it can make some retailers hesitant about venturing into this holiday. That would be a mistake. You can show your sensitivity by allowing customers to opt out of Mother’s Day communication. A simple “If you would rather not hear about Mother’s Day, then you can click here to opt out” will suffice. 

Mother’s Day UK Retail Facts

when is Mother's Day 2024

Mother’s Day 2024 is a chance to treat your mum to something special. Bigger than Father’s Day (sorry, Dads!), it’s the biggest family-orientated day on the calendar. Saying thank you often means gifts or special treats. That’s an opportunity for small businesses who’ve survived the post-Christmas lull. 

According to Statista, Mother’s Day is a billion-pound industry. In 2023, the holiday saw retail spending of £1.28 billion. However, the peak in recent years was in 2022, when consumers handed over £1.49 billion.

Nonetheless, the British Retail Consortium – composed of mostly large chain stores and supermarkets – reported a 5.1% year-on-year spending increase. That suggests competition is tough among small businesses hoping to make their mark – although it is possible!

Here’s what we’ve learned from past Mother’s Days:

  1. Mother’s Day 2022 witnessed a 164% increase in sales compared to the preceding Sunday. (Source: Wunderkind)
  2. A study by Yodel found the majority (34%) of people spent between £20 and £30 on Mother’s Day gifts. (Source: Yodel)
  3. Research indicated that, on average, men spent £41.14 on Mother’s Day, while women spent £28.97. (Source: Mintel)
  4. Surveys found men aged 16-24 to be the top spenders for Mother’s Day, averaging £30.39 on gifts. (Source: Serenata Florists)
  5. The top Mother’s Day gifts in 2021 were greeting cards (72%), flowers (68%), special outings (49%), and gift cards (47%). (Source: Truly Experiences)
  6. Flowers, with 48% of UK adults purchasing them for Mother’s Day, were the most common gift. (Source: Serenata Florists)
  7. Following flowers, popular Mother’s Day gifts included chocolates (41%), house plants (24%), jewellery (24%), and vouchers/gift cards (20%). (Source: Serenata Florists)
  8. 65% of consumers preferred more eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts. (Source: Savvy)
  9. 15% of consumers focused on affordability when choosing Mother’s Day gifts. (Source: National Retail Federation)
  10. 67% of UK residents felt Mother’s Day gifts lacked creativity, with over half willing to spend more for better options. (Source: Savvy)
  11. Nearly half of the 18-24 age group reported they would buy Mother’s Day gifts seen on social media. (Source: Savvy)
  12. In 2021, Mother’s Day purchases were made online (34%), in department stores/supermarkets (28%), in speciality stores (26%), and in small businesses (34%). (Source: Truly Experiences)
  13. An 80% increase in online sales was recorded on 17th March 2022, in anticipation of Mother’s Day. (Source: Wunderkind)
  14. Over a third of UK residents engaged in food-related activities for Mother’s Day. (Source: Reach Solutions)
  15. In 2022, 33% of UK residents aimed to try new food and drink venues for Mother’s Day. (Source: OpenTable)

12 Small Business Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Not sure where to get started? Whether you’re based online, a brick-and-mortar shop, or both, I’ve put together 12 Mother’s Day marketing ideas to kickstart your plans.

Mother's Day 2024 UK

1. Highlight Mother’s Day Collections

Elevate your Mother’s Day 2024 product line both online and in-store. Allocate prime space to showcase these items prominently. Remember, your customers are often short on time and need straightforward, inspiring gift ideas. So, two weeks before your final shipping date for online orders, make Mother’s Day the focus of your homepage. In physical stores, continue highlighting these offerings right until Mother’s Day.

2. Curate Gift Bundles

Design special Mother’s Day gift bundles that cater to your customers’ needs. Create a new section of your website to host the gift bundles – or advertise them on your home page with a banner. 

Too many sons and daughters are left scratching their heads wondering what to buy – gift bundles are a fantastic solution. For customers looking to spend a little more, they’re a perfect off-the-shelf option.

And don’t forget: gift bundles drive up your average transaction value. Consider: every customer who comes to your website or into your store and buys a gift bundle is spending a little more than they otherwise would have. It’s a small business miracle!

3. Create Gift Guides

Replicate the successful Christmas strategy with Mother’s Day gift guides. These can be categorised by price or theme, helping customers find the perfect gift within their budget. Consider featuring products from other small businesses, especially if your range is limited, to give customers a diverse selection and promote local collaboration.

4. Emphasise Personalisation

If you already offer personalisation, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to highlight this service. If it’s not a regular feature, consider introducing it as a special Mother’s Day option. Promote this through emails, social media, and on your website to attract more customers.

5. Introduce New Products

Mother's Day 2024


Use the Mother’s Day period as an opportunity to launch new products. Align these launches with the spring season, offering fresh and appealing options for those seeking the perfect gift for their mothers.

That doesn’t mean branding every product with the word “mum.” But think ahead as you plan your stock – what product serves a dual-purpose, invigorating your spring lineup and catering to the Mother’s Day market? 

6. Feature Themed Products

Mum’s the word! Products with “Mum” themes or that convey gratitude should be given prominence during this period. Even more general items like candles or gardening tools can be marketed as ideal Mother’s Day gifts.

7. Engage Wholesale Clients

Reflect on past sales data, including last year’s Mother’s Day and recent Christmas orders, and reach out to your wholesale clients. Inform them about available stock for Mother’s Day to ensure they’re well-prepared.

9. Offer Special Promotions

Introduce Mother’s Day promotions like upgraded shipping, complimentary gift wrapping, or personalised notes. These small additions can significantly enhance the customer experience.

9. Present Additional Incentives

Simple promotions like a free accessory with a larger purchase can be highly effective. These offers require minimal effort on your part but can greatly please your customers, making their gifts feel more special.

10. Manage Seasonal Inventory

Heard of the “brown banana”? It’s a concept I use to talk about products that have very specific use-by data. Generic perfumes, chocolates, and other Mother’s Day goodies are sellable all year round. 

However, be strategic with products that are only relevant for Mother’s Day, like items explicitly stating, “I love my Mum.” Plan to sell these items within the next six weeks, potentially offering discounts as Mother’s Day approaches to avoid excess stock.

11. Organise Contests

Engage customers with Mother’s Day 2024 themed contests. Encourage them to nominate outstanding mothers or share stories on social media. This not only creates a positive connection with your brand but also promotes your products as ideal gifts.

12. Promote Gift Cards

Actively market gift cards as a versatile option for Mother’s Day 2024. Consider them for this special day, even if they’re not a regular offering. Gift cards provide flexibility to customers and extend the period during which you can capitalise on Mother’s Day sales.

Closing Thoughts

Those are my 12 top tips for Mother’s Day. Remember, the big occasion is on 10th March 2024 – it’ll soon be upon you. Aside from Christmas, it’s one of the biggest opportunities to sell gifts. As people tighten their wallets due to the cost-of-living crisis, these landmark dates allow consumers a chance to splash their cash as they show their appreciation for Dear Old Mum.

Want to take your business to the next level? The Resilient Retail Club provides specialised advice on business growth and holiday management. From insightful podcasts and informative tutorials to personalised guidance, discover the advantages of becoming a member. Check out our membership benefits for more information.

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