About The Resilient Retail Club

Catherine Erdly

Small business and retail expert, consultant and membership-host

What does The Resilient Retail Club do?

Practical advice and expert support for small businesses and retail brands

The Resilient Retail Club is a membership group and consultancy that offers expert support and encouragement to indie brands, makers, independent shopkeepers, Ecommerce sellers and online shops. 

If you create or curate products you are proud of, then I am here to make your small business better.

Why The Resilient Retail Club exists

Expert support to grow your small business

I started my own small business to give me more flexibility and freedom, and I believe that all indie makers, online shopkeepers and independent brands should have the same opportunity. 

But let’s be honest – having flexibility and freedom in your business depends on making enough money, something that’s hard for many makers, brands and shops.

I started my small business consultancy and membership to share the tools and techniques that I have honed over 17 years in high-street retailers.  

Tools and techniques that can help independent retailers, online shops, Ecommerce brands and small indie makers get a handle on their small business.  

I want to help you grow your sales, boost your bottom line and create the business you set out to build.

The Resilient Retail Club client testimonials

How The Resilient Retail Club helps small business owners

Here is what indie makers, independent shopkeepers, brands and Ecommerce shops have said about working with me

Catherine has visited us for business coaching sessions several times and is incredibly supportive and innovative, I especially love her meticulous planning when resolving difficulties I have encountered within the business.
Janis Hendrickson
Had it not been for her webinar, her daily inspiration and the chat room with like minded individuals, we would not be experiencing the success we are in our business in such a short time all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! If anyone ever doubted the subscription price they should not!
Nicola Hogan
There is a huge amount of support and my business is going from strength to strength through a few small tweaks to the way I post and to my web-site. I am really looking forward to next year and all the possibilities there are out there!
Jo Nash
Catherine is brilliant in helping with advice, tips and tricks. She’s opened my eyes to the possibilities of how to improve my business and to plan better with amazing tools. To be part of the group and to be able to have support from so many others as well is an amazing feeling.
Coralie Stainthorpe
Working with Catherine has been an absolute pleasure and incredibly helpful. She's very knowledgeable and knows retail inside out. She's always ready to help and her courses are gold!
Veronica Galbraith
Working with The Resilient Retail Club

Who does The Resilient Retail Club help?

The Resilient Retail Club works with a variety of independent retailers, online sellers, Ecommerce brands, indie makers and shopkeepers in many product areas

Catherine Erdly's experience

The expert support you need as your small business changes

I have over two decades experience in the retail industry including 17 years in high street retailers managing budgets of up to £400 million.  

Everything I do in The Resilient Retail Club as a consultant and expert is based off my experience in sales strategy, stock management and growing profits. 

Since 2018, I have been running my own small business consultancy and membership working with some of the most exciting independent retailers, Ecommerce brands, indie makers, online shops and shopkeepers.

I’m proud to be a Forbes.com contributor on the subject of starting and scaling a product business and a frequent press commentator on the retail industry.

Expert Mentor

I offer expert advice only where it is backed by serious experience. I'll always be honest if I'm not the best person to help.

Passionate Expert

You are passionate about your small business, and I am a consultant who is passionate about seeing your small business succeed.

Approachable Consultant

There is no such thing as a stupid question, and I will never let you feel uncomfortable or awkward about what you do or don't know.

Who The Resilient Retail Club helps

Business advice for product businesses

I help start-up and independent retailers and brands to grow their sales and profits, and build better businesses.

Whether that’s creating a sales strategy or helping them get clear on the direction for their business, I help build confidence and clarity.

The Resilient Retail Club clients

A selection of our wonderful clients

Gayle Mansfield Designs

West Sussex

Disko Kids


White Rain Designs


Neon Marl


Olive and Frank




Acorn & Pip


Mama Shack


Hazel & Blue



St Albans
The Resilient Retail Club team

Offering clients and members exceptional support

The Resilient Retail Club support team are a key part of the consultancy and membership community

Jo Harding

Marketing Support

As our resident expert writer and small business social media content producer, Jo crafts all things newsletters, blog posts and podcast related.

Kate Scott

Membership Support

Kate offers outstanding support to The Resilient Retail Club small business members and ensures the smooth day-to-day running of the membership.

Shairead Georgiou

Personal Assistant

Shairead is the scheduling whizz who does an expert job keeping all the plates spinning in Catherine Erdly’s inbox and diary.

Where The Resilient Retail Club is based

Consultancy in South East London

Despite the stereotypes you hear about living in London, I know ALL my neighbours names and even help organise our yearly street party!  I’m proud to be based in South East London.

In addition, it’s just a short hop into Central London where I meet indie makers, Ecommerce brands, shopkeepers, independent retailers and online shops from all over the United Kingdom when I’m hosting an in-person strategy day. 

However, the beauty of my business is that I work predominantly online with an entirely remote team.  This means I can offer support and advice to small businesses, makers, brands and shops wherever they are based.


The press' go-to retail expert

Expert contributor, speaker and writer for many small business and retail publications.

The Resilient Retail Club business principles

I believe in small business as a force for good

I am passionate about how Ecommerce brands, online shops, indie makers, shopkeepers and independent small businesses can build a triple-bottom line that looks after people, planet and profit, in that order. 

Giving back

I donate 2% of The Resilient Retail Club total sales to charity via Work For Good.

Better Business Act

The Resilient Retail Club has signed the pledge aiming to ensure companies in the UK reflect the interests of society and the environment.

Social Enterprises

I have a special interest and experience in being a consultant and mentor for social enterprises and purpose-led brands.

Small Business Britain

I am proud to be a Small Business Britain Champion and regular collaborator on small business support campaigns.

The Resilient Retail Club small business awards

Award-winning small business consultancy and membership

I am proud to have been nominated and short listed for several small business awards.

Top 50 Advisers

Enterprise Nation

Business Chameleon

National Business Women's Awards

Good Retail Awards

Modern Retail

Gift of the Year

Giftware Association

Business Chameleon

SME Business Awards

Business Champion

National Business Women's Awards

Greater London Business Champions

Business Champions Awards

Positive Impact Award

SME Business Awards

Top 10 Advisers

Enterprise Nation
Winner - Best Sales Adviser

Top Retail Influencers

ReThink Retail

Small Biz 100

Small Business Saturday
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