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The Resilient Retail Club is made up of small businesses from indie makers, online brands, Ecommerce shops and independent retailers.  This is what they say about being a member

Gone are the days of impulsive spending just because our bank account looked healthy at a glance. Now, every expenditure is a result of careful consideration and strategic planning. We're not just buying; we're investing in what truly moves the needle for our brand.
Lifestyle store
I was able to implement sophisticated stock management and cash flow systems - the types of systems that big retailers use, but that I could never have created for myself. These systems have completely revolutionised the way I work and have created structure in my year round strategy and marketing plan. Most importantly, I have increased my own pay which was the main goal I had set out to achieve.
Ruby Friel
After years of grappling with the challenge of managing my finances during the festive season, this year marked a turning point for me. For the first time, I started the year with a bank account brimming with cash, a direct result of finally taking control over my Christmas spending. It was all about having a crystal-clear understanding of our stock levels and setting a firm budget.
Lifestyle and craft store
I have been battling for YEARS with how much stock I hold in the business. I knew it was a problem, I just didn't know what to do about it. For the first time ever I built strict monthly buying budgets into my annual cashflow forecast, so I could actively control how much I should be spending with each of my suppliers. The upshot is as follows: December - November YoY Net sales +1.21% Profit +548%”
Stationery Shop
I've found the mastermind so valuable! It's wonderful to have focus and a sense of accountability as well as guidance.
Ruth Sturdy
I've worked with Catherine as part of her membership and as a 1-1 client and she has really helped me get into the numbers of the business (something I'd very much shied away from previously) Catherine is a real wealth of knowledge when it comes to running a product based business and I felt fully understood and supported at a time when I was questioning how best to grow the business in a manageable way
Lauren Derrett
I can't recommend working with Catherine enough! I've been working with her on a one to one basis since 2020, and I credit working with her with transforming my business from kitchen table start up to award-winning brand. She is incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful, supportive and practical.
Paula Warwick
I have recently had a business audit with Catherine and I honestly cannot recommend working with her enough. Catherine is an ideas machine, perfectly in tune with the challenges a small business owner can face and all about making your goals achievable. Thoroughly recommend.
Charlotte Loving

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All about Catherine Erdly

Small business and retail expert consultant

I’m Catherine Erdly and I am an expert small business and retail consultant with experience in all aspects of the retail industry from e-commerce to the high street.  

I have worked with household names such as Laura Ashley and Paperchase, as well as with hundreds of exciting independent and start-up retailers and brands as a consultant.

With over 22 years experience in the retail industry,  I have the real-life experience and inside expert knowledge of what makes a successful product business tick.  3

The press' go-to retail expert

I have been a featured retail and small business expert for many publications

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Tame Your Tiger: How to Stop Your Product Business Eating You Alive

Out now, Tame Your Tiger takes Catherine Erdly’s retail experience and expert knowledge, and packages it in a supportive and encouraging book.

Essential reading for independent shopkeepers, e-commerce small businesses, indie makers, new small business founders and anyone who wants more support growing their product business.

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