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Why join The Resilient Retail Club

In-house indie retail expert
Catherine is in the small business membership group, every week day, to offer expert advice and encouraging support to small businesses, sharing sales tactics and strategies to gain more customers and increase your revenue.
Small business education
An extensive library of courses, classes and workshops, plus four live online events a month, only available inside our small business membership.

We focus on fluff-free advice on how to grow your sales & profits.
A community for small businesses
300+ small product business owners in a private Facebook community, ready to support and cheer you on as you all work towards a shared goal - growing your sales and gaining customers.
What's inside The Resilient Retail Club

Growing your small business just got easier

This power-packed small business membership is the equivalent of having your own retail expert on your small business board.

I’m Catherine Erdly and I am a retail expert, with twenty three years of experience in all aspects of the industry from e-commerce to the high street.

I’m here to answer your burning questions, whilst you sit down with me to train you how to grow sales, get more customers and scale your business with confidence and authority.

Your (nearly) in-house retail expert

Access to one of the UK's top small business sales advisers and retail experts

There simply isn’t a better way to get access to a small business sales expert for a low monthly fee than inside our small business membership.

What do we cover in The Resilient Retail Club?

Everything you need to know to get more customers

Sales tactics

From email marketing to TikTok, we have 20+ workshop replays covering different tactics to grow sales.

Sales strategy

In-depth courses covering how to grow sales in a sustainable, strategic way that fits your business perfectly.

Sales planning

Tools, templates and monthly planning sessions to help you become more proactive and less reactive growing sales.

Running a business

Tools and workshops on ways to work more efficiently, focus on what matters and stay motivated.


Expert guidance and advice on all aspects of profitably pricing you products.


The entire focus of the Club is around ensuring that as you grow your top line, your bottom line is also thriving.

Managing stock

Controlling your stock is the hardest aspect of running a product business, so we've got courses to make it simpler.


A comprehensive set of courses to get you started wholesaling and create a valuable income stream.

What The Resilient Retail Club members say

We love to see our members flourish

Here’s how they feel about being in The Resilient Retail Club

Had it not been for her webinar, her daily inspiration and the chat room with like minded individuals, we would not be experiencing the success we are in our business in such a short time all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! If anyone ever doubted the subscription price they should not!
Nicola Hogan
There is a huge amount of support and my business is going from strength to strength through a few small tweaks to the way I post and to my web-site. I am really looking forward to next year and all the possibilities there are out there!
Jo Nash
Catherine is brilliant in helping with advice, tips and tricks. She’s opened my eyes to the possibilities of how to improve my business and to plan better with amazing tools. To be part of the group and to be able to have support from so many others as well is an amazing feeling.
Coralie Stainthorpe
Working with Catherine has been an absolute pleasure and incredibly helpful. She's very knowledgeable and knows retail inside out. She's always ready to help and her courses are gold!
Veronica Galbraith
I joined The Resilient Retail Club in 2020 and my subscription is still the best money I spend on my business each month. Catherine’s experience and advice is irreplaceable and always pragmatic for small businesses who don’t have an army of staff.
Wendy Hook
Great experience with the Resilient Retail Club, from connecting with other members, to accessing lives and recordings of informative sessions, I have found membership to be very useful.
Charlotte Loving
I've learned so much since joining the Resilient Retail Club. The courses are very helpful and it would be worth joining just for those, but there is also a very helpful community as well as regular ongoing workshops. Catherine Erdly is very hands on and always available to answer questions too.
Lou Longworth
Catherine is so so so knowledgeable and has a fantastic way of sharing her expertise in a way that empowers you ... without making you feel too overwhelmed. She explains complex things in a simple way and it is hugely appreciated for people like me trying to run a business all by myself!
Ester Ford
I’ve already recommended it to other product businesses. I learned loads and it gave me the push and focus I needed to get one with tasks I hadn’t found time for
Ruth Bradford
Owner & Creator
It felt as if I had employed an expert in my business, everything was so relevant to kickstart my sales. I can't wait to get cracking on all the brilliant ideas you gave
Joanna Erikson
Before the membership, I felt way more alone in all of this. Besides the, let's call it "positive psychological impact", I have improved many areas of my business: my newsletter marketing, social media, wholesale material to name just a few
Daniela-Karin Raffl
Founder & Illustrator
I joined the membership to pick your amazing ecom/business brain! My favourite thing about being a member is the friendly and informative support. It's helped my business by giving me more focus
Sinead Taylor
Printmaker and Illustrator
In the club

Who are our members?

Our members all have two things in common – that they are passionate about the products they sell, and that they want to grow their business.   Here are some examples of the types of businesses our members run.

Education and training

A wealth of resources always at your fingertips

Your membership includes an extensive library of on-demand content you can watch as often as you like. 

We have a selection of courses, masterclasses and workshops all designed to drive sales, gain customers and boost your bottom line.

Meet the courses

An in-depth look at what's inside

On-demand, bite-size lessons and created with you in mind.

Grow Your Sales

There are only four ways to grow your sales.  Get more people to come, get more people to buy when they do come, get them to spend more when they buy and get them to come back more often.  This course looks at each of these four elements in depth.

Course curriculum

  • Plan your sales challenge (6 lessons)
  • Finding More Customers - Long Term Strategies (5 lessons)
  • Finding More Customers - Social Media (5 lessons)
  • Getting More People To Buy (5 lessons)
  • Pulling It All Together - Creating Sales Success (5 lessons)
  • ~10 hours

    Tame Your Tiger

    How to stop your product business eating you alive – this course is a companion to my book Tame Your Tiger.

    We explore in depth the common issues faced by product business owners and how to self-diagnose when there just isn’t enough money in your business.

    Course curriculum

  • Module 1 - Introduction (5 lessons)
  • Module 2 - In-Margins (9 lessons)
  • Module 3 - Out-margins (12 lessons)
  • Module 4 - Unproductive stock (12 lessons)
  • Module 5 - Effective stock clearance (7 lessons)
  • Module 6 - Stock plans (15 lessons)
  • Module 7 - Break even (7 lessons)
  • Module 8 - Sales resources (1 lessons)
  • Module 9 - monthly recap (10 lessons)
  • ~10 hours

    Grow Your Profits

    Everything you need to identify the key numbers to look at to manage your profits, tools to manage your stock and actions you can take to look after your bottom line.

    Course curriculum

  • Profit margins (7 lessons)
  • Sales planning (4 lessons)
  • Stock planning (4 lessons)
  • Trading (4 lessons)
  • Digging deeper (11 lessons)
  • Cashflow (6 lessons)
  • ~5 hours

    The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Wholesale

    Created in collaboration with Therese Oertenblad from Small Business Collaborative, this course contains all the information you need to start your wholesale journey.

    Course curriculum

  • Introduction to wholesale (2 lessons)
  • Get set to wholesale (3 lessons)
  • Pricing products profitably for wholesale (6 lessons)
  • Wholesale materials that sell (5 lessons)
  • Finding wholesale stockists for your products (6 lessons)
  • ~4 hours

    How To Profitably Price Your Products

    The complete guide to confidently setting your prices in 4 simple steps

    Course curriculum

  • Getting started (4 lessons)
  • Get clear about your pricing (5 lessons)
  • Gather information (6 lessons)
  • Set your strategy (12 lessons)
  • Make it happen (3 lessons)
  • ~4 hours

    Set Your Goals

    How to put concrete, tangible numbers against goals that you have for your business.  For instance, how to work out what your sales need to be to pay yourself more or make your business your full time job.

    Course curriculum

  • Setting your goals (7 lessons)
  • ~2 hours

    Introduction To Email Marketing

    Get started with this powerful tool, and learn the basics of what it is, what to say and how to get people to join your list!

    Course curriculum

  • The basics (4 lessons)
  • Growing your list (4 lessons)
  • Stay in touch (7 lessons)
  • Taking it further (2 lessons)
  • Final thoughts/bonuses (2 lessons)
  • ~3 hours

    Love Your Launches

    How to successfully plan and execute a product launch

    Course curriculum

  • Why launch? (1 lessons)
  • When to launch (4 lessons)
  • Preparing to launch (4 lessons)
  • In the launch (3 lessons)
  • Post-launch (2 lessons)
  • Final thoughts/bonus (3 lessons)
  • ~2 hours

    Christmas and peak-selling preparation

    Each year we have a wide variety of resources and planners to help you get ready for the all-important festive selling season, from week-by-week planners to planning sessions, templates and more

    Course curriculum

  • Get set for Christmas (10 lessons)
  • ~6 hours

    Start Your Business

    This course covers the basics of how to get your business up and running quickly and effectively, to maximise your chances of success.

    Course curriculum

  • Who you will be selling to and why (6 lessons)
  • Deciding what to sell (8 lessons)
  • Deciding where to sell (7 lessons)
  • Create your marketing plan (9 lessons)
  • Get set to launch (7 lessons)
  • Post-launch (4 lessons)
  • ~6 hours
    The Resilient Retail Club community

    The most supportive place you can spend time online!

    Over 300 other product business owners who are working to grow their sales, and are incredibly generous sharing their experiences.  

    Support, encouragement and a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom being shared with each other – this will quickly become your favourite place to be online.

    All about Catherine Erdly

    A small business and retail expert passionate about helping you grow

    I’m Catherine Erdly and I am a retail expert, with twenty years of experience in all aspects of the industry from e-commerce to the high street.

    Having worked with household names such as Coast, Laura Ashley and Paperchase, as well as some of the most exciting independent start-ups, I have the real-life experience and inside knowledge of what makes a successful product business tick.

    I am a contributor on the subject of starting and scaling a product business, a Small Business Britain Champion, judge of the Good Retail Awards and Gift of the Year, on the Editorial Board of Modern Retail and a frequent expert writer and speaker on the retail industry.

    In short, I know retail, and I’m passionate about growing your sales!

    Ready to grow?

    Come and join us

    There is no minimum sign up, so why not try us and see? After all, you are the best person to decide if this is right for you.

    Frequently asked questions

    Got a question about the Resilient Retail Club?

    If you don’t see your question here, please get in touch, we’d love to help.

    The short answer is, yes!  90% of members surveyed said that joining the club meant they were better equipped to drive their sales.

    We believe that knowledge creates confidence, confidence leads to taking focused action, and focused action drives sales.

    From courses showing you how to map out a sales strategy, to workshops from carefully selected experts on the latest sales tactics, all of the material in the club is aimed specifically at creative product businesses who want to grow, and presented in straight-forward, bite-sized pieces to fit around your busy life.

    Coupled with the support and encouragement that comes from access to Catherine and the vibrant community, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to thinking of ways that we can motivate and empower our members to upskill themselves, feel more confident and take focused action to grow their sales.

    If you create or curate beautiful products that you are proud of, then the Club is for you.

    Courses such as the wholesale course may not be relevant if you are re-selling others products, but plenty of the material will be useful, from looking at sales strategies to understanding your figures.

    The course “Start Your Business” is designed specifically for people with an idea or who are in the early stages of launching.

    Members who have joined while launching their business have told me how useful they find it to have a community behind them!

    Yes, for one fee you get instant access to the entire course library, the Facebook community and four live events a month (two ask me anything, social call and workshop).

    No, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time and your membership will expire at the end of that billing period (e.g. that month for monthly and at the end of that calendar year for yearly). There is no minimum sign up period.

    You will have access to the courses and be able to work through them at your own pace for as long as you are paying for the membership.

    The press' go-to retail expert

    Retail and small business expert contributor and commentator for the press


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