The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 63

Spreading Happiness with John’s Crazy Socks

Podcast show notes

Spreading Happiness with John’s Crazy Socks

Consumers are thinking more about how they connect and relate to their purchases than ever before – from shopping small and local to seeking out products that align with their values. As a consequence, it is truly encouraging to see such a large rise in the number of purpose-driven businesses coming to market that cater to people who want their cash to contribute to something greater than a business’s bottom line. From fair-trade and B-Corp certification to profit percentage pledges to charity, retailers big and small and showing how having a mission beyond making money benefits everyone.

In today’s episode, I speak to Mark and John Cronin, a father and son duo who created a mission-led e-commerce business that gives back in a big way. When John, who has Down syndrome, turned 21 he had some big decisions to make as he left the support of the public school system. After some thought, he came to his dad with the idea of going into business together and selling something that would help celebrate his own individuality – crazy socks!

Since starting in 2016, John’s Crazy Socks have operated under a simple mission – to spread happiness – which they’ve realised through many facets such as their donations to the Special Olympics, personalised messages in every delivered package, employing people with differing abilities and, of course, their wide selection of crazy socks. In this podcast we discuss how sourcing a more diverse workforce isn’t altruistic, it’s just good business, how your social and business missions can work together in tandem to great effect, and how gratitude and helping others should be at the core of what you offer to the world.

To get your very own pair of crazy socks head to the website and you can connect with John and Mark at:





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