The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 91

Social Entertainment and Embracing The Creative with Thomas Rankin

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Social Entertainment and Embracing The Creative with Thomas Rankin

You need only take a quick scan of the apps on your smartphone to see how dramatically the landscape of social media has changed since Facebook got the ball rolling in earnest all those years ago. Social media has not only been at the forefront of adopting and trialling new tech but in many cases platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been the change-makers themselves, tweaking their platforms, prioritising content and harnessing data in an effort to win the fight for your attention (and cash!) in an increasingly competitive digital market.

In today’s episode, I speak to Thomas Rankin, the co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson, an all-in-one social entertainment marketing software platform for the world’s biggest brands. Helping to create and share photos and videos that people care about, Dash Hudson empowers brands to predict performance, analyse trends, and accelerate growth across key visual marketing and e-commerce channels.

In today’s podcast, we drill down into the collision of culture and tech that is social entertainment, and how it marks a sharp shift from a focus on connections and curated content to of-the-moment and organic entertainment. We also discuss the opportunities on offer for those willing to take risks and remain creatively flexible as well as how influencer marketing has evolved to include ‘creators’ and will continue to in the future.

Get in touch with Thomas at LinkedIn.

And connect with Dash Hudson at:

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