The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 140

Building Your Small Business On A Budget: Steph Douglas of Don’t Buy Her Flowers

Podcast show notes

In the third of my mini-series of discussions about building your small business on a budget, I speak to Steph Douglas, founder of the thoughtful gifting company “Don’t Buy Her Flowers”. Steph started her small business back in 2014 after she was inundated with bouquets of flowers following the birth of her first child – although wonderfully well-meant, flowers just felt like just another thing for Steph to look after when she already had her newborn and herself to prioritise. Like most parents, she just wanted to treat herself to a hot cup of tea and experience some TLC, hence DBHF was born – with over 250 products to choose from, customers can make bespoke or choose readymade gift boxes that perfectly suit the person they are sending them to.

In today’s episode, we discuss motherhood, finding connections through shared experiences and building communities organically. We also talk about influencer marketing and the importance of collaborating authentically and personally in order to engage your audience. We also chat about PR, how integral storytelling is to brand-building, and the importance of establishing your ‘brand pillars’ in setting and communicating your small business mission for yourselves and your customers.

Check out Steph’s fantastic gifting options at:
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About the featured guest

Steph Douglas

Founder, Don't Buy Her Flowers
Don't Buy Her Flowers
Steph founded Don’t Buy Her Flowers in 2014 after receiving 8 bunches of (lovely) flowers when she had her first child. It’s a proudly family run online gift box company based out of a Nailsworth warehouse providing thoughtful bespoke gift boxes for all occasions.

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