Getting Your Website and Email Marketing Ready For 2023 With Elle Williamson

*Resilient Retail News Flash* I’m very excited to share that my new book “Tame Your Tiger: How to stop your product business eating you alive” is now available to preorder at In the book, I’ll show you how to easily apply big business tools and perspectives to help better understand your business, as well as how to get […]

Education, Representation & Inspiration With Natalie Bent

In today’s episode of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I speak to marketing professional and web designer turned illustrator and small business owner, Natalie Bent. After working in head offices at large retailers such as Marks and Spencers and Woolworths and tiring of the corporate world, Natalie, inspired by her daughter, set up Little Scholars Playground in lockdown with […]

Creating, Curating And Community With Beck Prior

In the age of Amazon and next-day delivery, it is heartwarming to see a growing push towards people shopping local, investing in sustainability and consuming more consciously – with a more compassionate outlook shared by independent retailers and customers alike. Where the lumbering dinosaurs of high-street retail have failed to evolve or capture the imagination […]

Four Ways To Grow Your Sales At Christmas

As a small business entering the ‘golden weeks’ – the six-week run-up to Christmas – you’re no doubt looking for ways to maximise your sales at a time that can represent more than 50% of your annual turnover. I’ve spoken before of the four fundamental ways to grow sales – getting more people to come, getting […]

Five Crucial Factors To Keep In Mind When Planning Christmas Promotions

We might still have Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving ahead of us but as we all know the festive event that we really need to set our sights on is Christmas. Now, we’re all very familiar with the red sale signs of the high street, and with the yearly routine of seasonal discounts offered by large retailers […]

Advertising, Algorithms And More With Narada McKoy

We’ve come a long way since the days of Don Draper and the post-war triad of print, television and billboard advertising. The advent of the internet, the growth of social media and the ubiquity of mobile devices have transformed the advertising landscape, and the changes to the way we advertise and are advertised to are […]

Four Easy Ways To Maximise Your Sales At Christmas Events

Whether you’re setting up shop at a small-scale Xmas craft fair, getting ready for one of the big branded seasonal showcases, or are yet to sign up for a festive event, it’s time to think strategically about maximising your sales at in-person events this Christmas. Events aren’t just about sales, they provide great opportunities for […]

My Five Observations In The Run-Up To Christmas

We’re now into the golden weeks, the period where we see people spending the majority of their Christmas budget. With many ongoing economic issues, the increased cost of living and ballooning inflation plaguing the public, we can expect to see reduced spending this Christmas in contrast to last year – but after recently visiting the […]

Leveraging Live Streaming With Rob Smith

To run a truly resilient retail business, amongst many things, you definitely have to be adaptable. From the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic and the knock-on effects of unforeseen global events to the recent rise in costs and impending recession, the last few years have required all of us to be flexible in the face […]

My Top Five Tips For Running Your Business In A Recession

Recession! After the last few years we’ve all had, as small business owners, it’s the last phrase we want to hear cropping up on the news and in the papers – but unfortunately, a perfect storm of rising costs, increasing interest rates, ballooning inflation and falling wages all point to an imminent downturn in economic […]

Being Visible, Showing Up And Selling More With Elizabeth Stiles

E-commerce can be very demanding. It takes enough energy and focus to create, source, produce and manufacture wonderful products – finding the consistent motivation, correct strategy and optimal platform on which to then sell can feel like an exhausting and elusive endeavour at the best of times.  That’s why in episode 107 of The Resilient Retail […]

Six Key Tips For Sustainable Seasonal Selling

As the summer sun continues to beat down harder than ever, for some of you, it might seem like your sales have dried up along with the nation’s rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and whether you’ve been seeing steady growth throughout the year or not, it’s all too easy to let panic set in when you’re […]

Representation In Retail With Cherelle Brown

With the immense number of businesses out there and the sheer amount of products available the world over, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everything and everyone is catered for, but you need only go as far as your local supermarket to discover that from fashion to tech, cosmetics to stationery and everything in between, […]

B Corps: Doing Better Business with Sarah Jordan

Whether it’s businesses reappraising their supply chains or ditching plastic, HR departments extending their range of opportunities for more inclusive leave, or customers shopping more consciously, we’ve seen a real shift in recent years regarding attitudes towards environmental, human and social impact.  But for every brand with a genuine desire to use business as a […]

Playing Your Cards Right With Vicky Simmons

In episode 98 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I speak to Vicky Simmons, founder of the brutally honest, sarcastic greeting cards company, Mean Mail.  Inspired by the way friends talk to each other and Oscar Wilde’s famous quote “True friends stab you in the front”, Vicky’s designs are available in over 100 stockists internationally […]

Mapping Out And Planning For The Festive Season

As we’ve covered over the last 10 or so episodes, there’s a lot to consider and arrange when it comes to getting ready for the festive season. From securing stock to marketing and delivery, there are so many moving parts to keep track of, and as the orders fly in and things get busier, it’s […]