Selling Socks, Saving Wildlife And The Art Of Wholesale With Lucy Jeffrey

Selling Socks, Saving Wildlife And The Art Of Wholesale With Lucy Jeffrey

The Art Of Wholesale With Lucy Jeffrey In episode 163 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I speak to Lucy Jeffrey, founder of bamboo sock brand, Bare Kind. Having started her business as a side hustle five years ago, Bare Kind is now partnered with over thirty charities and donates a percentage of its profits […]

How To Strategise For Christmas Success

Strategise for Christmas

The importance of Christmas for small product businesses can not be underestimated. Some businesses can end up taking half, and I’ve seen in some circumstances, even three-quarters of their annual sales in the fourth quarter! This sales period, and a highly competitive one at that, really has the potential to make or break your year. […]

My Predictions For Christmas 2023

Podcast Episodes

If you’re a long-time listener to this podcast or have worked with me, you’ll know I love to start talking about Christmas early – from around May actually! With the holiday season but a few months away, I’ve been digging into lots of research around what we can expect for retail at Christmas this year.  […]

How To Make More Money In Your Business

Catherine Erdly - Small Business Expert

If you’re running a small product business and are feeling a bit squeezed for cash flow right now, you’re not alone! August and September are traditional, well-established pinch points in the retail industry calendar. So, whether you’re coming up a bit short due to putting in your orders for this coming Christmas or perhaps an […]

Staying Agile And Revolutionising Wholesale For Independent Retailers

Podcast Episodes

From decreased footfall to financial constraints, retailers across the board continue to be hit hard in the wake of not only the Covid-19 Pandemic but the ongoing cost of living crisis as well. It is tough out there – it may even be one of the most challenging periods experienced in retail history, but as […]

Scaling Up And Growing A Supportive Team With Helen Dukes


When you start and run your own business it’s often not long before you realise you might need an extra pair of hands. Whether you’re struggling with picking and packing in those busy sales seasons or fumbling through your finances, it’s important to recognise how best to support the growth of your business. In episode […]

Building In Sustainability And Changing The Fashion Business Model With Cally Russell

Podcast guest - Cally Russell - sustainability

In episode 157 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan we turn our attention to sustainability, I speak to Cally Russell, CEO and Co-founder of waste-free clothing brand ‘This Is Unfolded’, supporting children’s education and paying garment workers better wages. Cally inarguably posits that fast fashion and current retail models are killing the planet – but […]

Post-Purchase Upselling With Ruth Even Haim

Podcast guest - Ruth Even Haim - upselling

Increasing a customer’s average spend or basket size can be a challenge. In the e-commerce realm, there is often a heavy emphasis on the pre-purchase experience. However, brands must be careful not to overwhelm or alienate potential customers with irritating pop-ups and offers that may diminish their brand value. Striking the right balance is key […]

Building a small business on Amazon with Emily Johnson

Podcast - Small business member of the month

No business has shaped online retail, perhaps all retail, the way that Amazon has. Since its founding in 1994, the e-commerce giant has grown to become one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world, forever changing the way that we shop and sell. The idea then of trying to build a […]

7 tips for using summer to get ready for Christmas

Christmas podcast

When it comes to retail it’s never too early to start talking about Christmas! In fact, if you’ve left it this long without considering the big day you might even be too late to take advantage of some of the best ways to prepare your business for the dependably lucrative Q4 sales period. The more […]

The difference between being a designer/maker and building a brand with Sabira Silcock

In episode 153 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I speak to Sabira Silcock of sustainable jewellery brand, SKEN Studios. Handmade in Manchester, Sabira produces fun and playful jewellery with personality, as well as running workshops and creating more bespoke pieces. Today she shares her journey from designer/maker to brand-builder, the story behind the rapid […]

Getting Serious With Jen Fuller

Podcast Guest - Jen Fuller - Getting Serious

A lot of small product business founders have likely experienced that same exciting moment of thinking or feeling that what may have started as a hobby or a side hustle is starting to turn into something more! Taking your ideas, personal projects, or businesses to the next level does take a lot of work and […]

The Slow Burn To Success With Sallie King

Podcast guest Sallie King

Whether you’re someone who’s just started a creative product business and are chasing that first sale or whether you’re an experienced founder trying to leverage even greater growth for your long-running and established brand, something we all share in common is that we all want to experience success, in its many shapes and forms. From […]

10 Minute Small Business Tips: Creating A Product Your Customer Really Wants

The Resilient Retail Club - small business experts

As you’ve undoubtedly heard me say before, the best sales strategy is a great product strategy. Everything works better for you and your small business when your audience and customers are excited about your product – they’ll buy more, they’ll tend to convert at a better rate on your website and they’ll tell more people […]

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