7 Vital Ways To Avoid Giving Up On Slow Sales Days

The Resilient Retail Club - Small business experts - sales

It’s a fact of running a small product business that some sales days are better than others. When you spend so much time and put so much passion into creating or curating your line of products, it can feel deeply demoralising when your sales numbers suddenly drop or fail to materialise for that item you […]

From Side Hustle To Full Time With Hannah Burn

The Resilient Game Plan Podcast - Hannah Burn, small business founder

It probably holds true that many small business owners dream of the day that they can hand their notice in at work and dedicate themselves to their own small businesses full-time. It’s an audacious goal and certainly isn’t going to happen overnight (in most cases!) but it’s completely possible as my guest today demonstrates. In […]

A Resilient Retail Reflection: Ten Highlights From The Last Three Years

The Resilient Retail Club - Small Business Experts

Celebrations are in order! May is not only the month of my birthday but it also marks the third anniversary of The Resilient Retail Club. When I started the business back in 2020, I never set out to create a membership, but instead planned to offer courses, starting with my ‘Grow Your Sales’ course back […]

Making The Most Of Father’s Day In Your Business

The Resilient Retail Club - Small business experts - Father's Day planning

With Easter not long behind us, the next big calendar event on the horizon is Father’s Day. Whilst the dad-centric holiday sees lower spending on average than Mother’s Day, it’s still a major event in hospitality and retail. Now, some of you may be looking at your range of products and thinking where does my […]

Four Key Traits That Product Business Owners Need To Have In Order To Flourish

Catherine Erdly - Small & product business expert

The impact of mindset on your product business truly cannot be underestimated, it affects everything we do as small business owners, from the way that we interact with our customers and staff to how we show up on social media and market our products. Too often when we lose confidence in ourselves, and potentially in […]

Building Your Small Business On A Budget: Elizabeth Stiles

Elizabeth Styles, Creative Sales Coach - small business owner

In episode 142 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I wrap up my short series about building your small business on a budget with my good friend and fashion brand consultant Elizabeth Stiles. Elizabeth and I share a lot of background and experience when it comes to the retail industry and understand the vital importance […]

Building Your Small Business On A Budget: Jayne Lasley of Fairlie Curved

Jayne Lasley of Fairlie Curved - Small Business owner

In the fourth episode of my mini-series of discussions about building your small business on a budget, I speak to Jayne Lasley, founder of “Fairlie Curved”. Originally started as a styling page on Instagram, Jayne took a modest £500 after losing her job in lockdown to attempt to create a fuller-bust clothing line – an […]

Building Your Small Business On A Budget: Steph Douglas of Don’t Buy Her Flowers

Steph Douglas - Small Business owner/Founder Don't Buy Her Flowers

In the third of my mini-series of discussions about building your small business on a budget, I speak to Steph Douglas, founder of the thoughtful gifting company “Don’t Buy Her Flowers”. Steph started her small business back in 2014 after she was inundated with bouquets of flowers following the birth of her first child – […]

Building Your Small Business On A Budget: Rebecca Gibbions of Last Night I Dreamt

Rebecca Gibbions - Small Business Owner

In the second of my series of discussions about building your small business on a budget, I speak to Rebecca Gibbions of the boutique jewellery brand, ‘Last Night I Dreamt’. After putting a successful career in television production on hold to raise a family, Rebecca felt a bit adrift until an opportunity to open a […]

Building Your Small Business On A Budget With Laura Schofield of Otto + Ivy

Laura Schofield, small business owner - Otto & Ivy

Today’s podcast marks the first in a series of discussions about building your small business on a budget and in episode 138 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan I speak with Laura Schofield, the founder of Otto + Ivy, a specialist shoe brand, who incredibly had never spent a penny on marketing until the third […]

The Importance Of Investing In Amazing Product Photography

The Resilient Retail Club - Small Business Experts

Product photography has changed a lot since the days of a single image on a white background in a 500-page catalogue. As the advertising and marketing worlds have evolved, we’ve seen increasing complexity in the way businesses present their products to their audience, such as through multi-layered storytelling and creating cultural context around their products, […]

5 Ways To Share The Honest Reality Behind Your Business Without Guilting Your Customer

Catherine Erdly - Small Business Expert

So, the inspiration for today’s episode came out of a conversation I was having with fashion brand consultant, Elizabeth Stiles. We chat often over WhatsApp, sometimes about the things that drive us crazy about small businesses – and on this occasion we both found ourselves bemoaning the recent trend of founders posting negatively framed content […]

Building Brilliant Brands And Buyer Behaviour with Cara Bendon

Headshot of Cara Bendon

Branding at its core is rooted in psychology and human behaviour – it’s how your customers think and feel about you, your products and your business, and more than ever with so many brands out there, we, as founders, need to be able to cut through the noise, set ourselves apart from our competitors and […]

“Tame Your Tiger: How To Stop Your Product Business Eating You Alive”

Tame Your Tiger book by Catherine Erdly

My first book, “Tame Your Tiger: How to stop your product business eating you alive“ was finally released this week and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! To really celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to spend this episode of The Resilient Retail Game Plan sharing an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look into […]

5 Crucial Figures That You Need To Know To Boost Your Small Business In 2023

Podcast Episodes

In today’s episode of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I want to give you my expert support in order for you to understand better the figures that can ultimately make or break your small business. We’re already barrelling towards March and 2023 is looking no less uncertain for independent retail – that’s why we need […]

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