Valentine’s Day Sale 2024: How to Prepare Your Small Business

Valentine's Day Sale

Too often, small business owners don’t realise the true potential of their brand and Valentine’s Day Sale. Products that would sell faster than you can say ‘love is in the air’ sit lonely on their shelves – no seasonal branding, no special discount, no gift-wrapping service.  Spoiler alert! Most small businesses stock giftable items that […]

10 Foolproof Ways to Skyrocket Your Shopify Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Rate

Two key factors determine your Shopify business’s success: your site’s organic traffic and your conversion rate. The former relies on clever search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), or social media marketing to drive visitors to your website. It’s the same with foot traffic in a bricks and mortar store. But, just like a physical store, […]

How to Successfully Start a Small Business from Home


Once upon a time, starting a product business meant buying or renting a shop, paying for utilities, hiring staff, and much more. That wasn’t just expenses; it was risk. You’d need a bank loan or substantial savings. Not so anymore. Selling products online means you can start and run the business without ever leaving your […]

Product Development: 6 Lessons in Creating Products That Sell

selling products

Product development is the cornerstone of all businesses selling things, not services. We’ve all got our favourite products or can think of items that redefined the world – be it the Apple iPhone, Tupperware, IKEA’s flat-pack furniture, or the controversial Crocs.  But what sets apart a product that flies off the shelves from those that […]

How to Run a Successful Stock Clearance Sale

discount pricing strategy

Got a bunch of stock that you’re struggling to sell? You’re not alone. The question of how to deal with underperforming stock is all too common. Dropping your prices with a stock clearance sale is one popular option.  Except: seeing stock go that you paid so much for is easier said than done. But it’s […]

6 Best Email Marketing Tools for eCommerce Businesses 2023

B2C email marketing tools

Selling products as an eCommerce business? If you’re not running an email marketing campaign, you’re missing out. Email marketing delivers the best return on investment (ROI) of any digital marketing strategy – a colossal $36 for every $1 spent.  Email marketing tools let you design stunning emails, set trigger points, and send thousands of emails […]

8 Enticing Black Friday marketing ideas for small businesses

The Resilient Retail Club - 8 Enticing Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Wondering what you should do for Black Friday? One question I often get asked around this time of year is what I suggest that small product businesses should do for their Black Friday marketing. If you want a full run down of my suggestions for all your Christmas promotions, check out this blog post and […]

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