The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 43

The Power Of Email Marketing With Eman Ismail

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The Power Of Email Marketing With Eman Ismail

Email has become as ubiquitous a form of communicating with customers as any of the traditional marketing mediums, and in an increasingly digital world, emails couldn’t be more valuable in helping customers to make a decision on what and what not to buy.

It’s a powerful tool and really makes money when it works, but despite many small businesses reporting having an email list, email marketing is still hugely under-utilized.

For this episode of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I’ve enlisted email strategist and copywriter Eman Ismail. She never gets bored of talking about the power of email and uses her talent for creating online correspondence to help fire up conversion rates, and evergreen sales, and turn fans into super-fans.

We spend this podcast discussing the importance of establishing connections and honouring the access that an email gives business owners to their customer base, as well as tips for where to start with developing sales sequences and the importance of celebrating the unsubscribers.

Get in touch with Eman about working together at and you can follow and connect with Eman at:




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