The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 68

Real-life Retail With Club Members Rani, Annabelle and Emily

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Real-life Retail With Club Members Rani, Annabelle and Emily

Whether this is your first festive sales season or you’re a Christmas retail veteran there’ll always be challenges to overcome and surprises you didn’t anticipate. Everyone’s business is different and operates with its own set of rules and idiosyncrasies, which means even with the best direction from dependable sources it can feel like much of the advice available is a bit abstract when comes to trying to apply it to your own business.

So, for today’s episode, I’ve enlisted the help and perspectives of three of my Resilient Retail Club members to try and give you some real-life examples of how to prepare yourself and manage your business this Christmas. I am delighted to introduce Rani of ‘Plant A Bloomer’ – who offers gifts and cards to plant and craft, Annabelle of ‘Copper and Holly’, who runs a Brecon-based Autumn and Christmas pop-up shop and Emily, the owner of Cotswolds gift boutique ‘Wild At Heart’.

From organising online sales fulfilment to staffing physical stores, the experiences of these wonderful business owners hopefully go some way to speaking to some of the challenges you might experience this season.

In this episode, we discuss working with fulfilment centres and managing third-party relationships, the time it takes for trends to filter through to different communities, the importance of organising training, purchasing early for the big day and much, much more!

Use the links below to check Rani’s, Annabelle’s and Emily’s businesses and to connect with them on social.

Rani Deshpande

Annabelle Summerfield

Emily Wild

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