The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 109

Nine Ways To Create An Extraordinary Customer Experience

Podcast show notes

Everyone has that one story (well, one at the very least) of a time that their customer experience with a business fell short of their reasonable expectations and landed somewhere between being mildly disappointing and exceptionally infuriating.

Mistakes, breaks and being late are facts of life, but sometimes businesses drop the ball and the whole retail relationship turns sour pretty quickly.

As much as we might like to ‘dine out’ on a bad sales story with our friends – lambasting the rude staff, lamenting the missing deliveries, picking apart the quality issues – the positive customer experiences we have stick with us just as much, if not more, and in stark contrast to those businesses that mishandle their clientele, those with extraordinary customer service end up seeing improved resilience in their business through the confidence and loyalty they build through their consumer-positive actions.

So, In episode 109 of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I want to share with you my top nine tips for creating an extraordinary experience for your customers.

We’ll discuss how to go the extra mile, the value of saying hello and harnessing positivity effectively. We’ll also talk about seasonality and purchase cycles, the importance of not just listening but reacting and the infrastructure and communication required to create loyal customers that will soon be on their way to becoming super-fans of your business.

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