The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 85

How can retailers thrive in the virtual world?

Podcast show notes

How can retailers thrive in the virtual world

The internet, and by extension retail, has come a long way since 1983.

From the first tentative purchases made over dial-up to today’s lightning-fast one-click purchases made on the go, the speed at which e-commerce has grown has not only been exceptionally fast but the retail industry’s successful harnessing of technological trends has completely changed the way business is done.

Whether you’re a boomer, a millennial or part of Gen-Z, you’re likely to be familiar, if not completely comfortable with the contemporary consumption options on offer – whether that’s browsing through Amazon on your laptop, ordering food on your smartphone or making a purchase through a social media account – but in an ever more digitalised world what’s next for retail?

On today’s podcast, I speak to Lindsey Mazza from Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation who help identify where their clients can go in the market to help fulfil their consumer promises. As Global Retail Lead Lindsey helps break down the much-hyped, often misunderstood Metaverse and how it’s being used as a powerful tool by some of the world’s biggest companies.

In this episode, Lindsey helps explain and describe what the Metaverse actually is, how it operates and shares some of the success stories to have come out of this new space. We also discuss creating new experiences for customers that are both physical and digital, generational differences when it comes to tech adoption and how investing in the Metaverse as a new selling channel can help retailers to learn even more about their customers.

To connect with Lindsey head over to her LinkedIn and to find out more about Capgemini, follow the links below:

Capgemini Retail & Consumer Goods LinkedIn page

Capgemini’s CPR webpage

Capgemini’s Consumer Trends Report 2022

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