The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 122

Getting Your Website and Email Marketing Ready For 2023 With Elle Williamson

Podcast show notes

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I’m very excited to share that my new book “Tame Your Tiger: How to stop your product business eating you alive” is now available to preorder at In the book, I’ll show you how to easily apply big business tools and perspectives to help better understand your business, as well as how to get clear on what you need to do to grow profitably, and, ultimately, tame your tiger.

On to today’s episode!

In episode 122 of The Resilient Retail Game plan, I speak to the founder of ‘The Ecommerce Assistant’, Elle Williamson. Having spent over ten years working in e-commerce for small and big brands, Elle now helps independent businesses to get the most out of their online shops.

In this podcast, we discuss the feature-rich Shopify 2.0 and the importance of giving your customers everything they need to know in order for them to hit that ‘buy’ button with confidence. We also go through some tips to help you with your conversion, from personally testing your buyer’s journey out to carefully curating your range of products for a more personalised shopping experience. We also delve into email marketing, and run through where you could be better optimising your mail-outs to drive an increase in that all-important revenue!

Check out Elle’s services at:

And connect with her at:

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