The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 152

Getting Serious With Jen Fuller

Podcast show notes

Getting Serious With Jen Fuller

A lot of small product business founders have likely experienced that same exciting moment of thinking or feeling that what may have started as a hobby or a side hustle is starting to turn into something more! Taking your ideas, personal projects, or businesses to the next level does take a lot of work and requires a good degree of self-belief – what it requires is getting serious about your intentions.

In today’s episode of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I speak to the founder of sensory sensation, science-led, baby essentials brand, Etta Loves. With a career in Media, Jen didn’t have much background in buying or production, but inspired by her first daughter and with support from her NCT friends, Jen has built her business from one great idea, by taking herself and her vision seriously, into a hugely successful multinational company.

In this podcast, we discuss the challenges of operating overseas, managing cashflow issues and how setbacks can help shape your business. We also talk about growing your brand awareness, cultivating sustained and gradual growth and how important it is to nurture connections and take chances.

Check out Jen’s beautiful products at: / /

And connect with her and the brand at:

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About the featured guest

Jen Fuller

Etta Loves
Etta Loves transforms baby essentials into sensory sensations using the wonder of science, to support babies’ eye and brain development and give parents many priceless moments of calm.

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