The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 117

Creating, Curating And Community With Beck Prior

Podcast show notes

In the age of Amazon and next-day delivery, it is heartwarming to see a growing push towards people shopping local, supporting their community, investing in sustainability and consuming more consciously – with a more compassionate outlook shared by independent retailers and customers alike.

Where the lumbering dinosaurs of high-street retail have failed to evolve or capture the imagination of their customers, we’re seeing more creative, engaging and meaningful products and brands slowly take their place, and with the strong communities that coalesce around them, I very much think they’re here to stay.

In today’s episode of The Resilient Retail Game Plan, I speak to maker turned shop-owner, and founder of Prior Shop, Beck Prior. Based in Bristol, Prior Shop is a not-for-profit arts hub, eco-conscious retail space, workshop and gallery hosting and offering works by the local community.

In this podcast, we discuss agility and how small businesses are often in the perfect position to pivot and adapt when times are tough – we also talk about the importance of storytelling in gift buying (and receiving) and how the layout of your store can have a tangible impact on your customers – and we also focus on how running your business in an ethics-led manner can help those you collaborate with reflect better on how they operate within the broader retail picture and small business community.

Check out Beck’s wonderful online store at:

And connect with her at:


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