The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 62

Connected Packaging With Cameron Worth

Podcast show notes

From AI chatbots to cloud computing, I hardly need to tell you, small business owners, that technology is constantly changing how the retail industry operates – we’ve all become very familiar with self-checkouts, targeted advertising and next or same-day delivery, but cutting-edge tech often comes at a steep price and requires robust infrastructure, and so is often outside the grasp of many fledging independent businesses and startups.

However, two technologies that don’t require a huge outlay of capital are NFC, the near field communications tech that powers contactless payments, and one technology that has become ubiquitous via accelerated use throughout the pandemic, which is QR (quick response) codes. In today’s episode, I speak to the Founder and CEO of SharpEnd, Cameron Worth, about how you can use this simple tech to turn your products into fully functioning media platforms.

We’ll discuss how connected packaging places much-desired autonomy and agency into the hands of the consumer and how bridging the gap from your product to your online space represents a whole new canvas and channel through which to speak with your customers, as well as heightening their enjoyment of your products whilst engaging with your brand post-purchase.

Get in touch with Cameron about working together at and you can follow and connect with him at LinkedIn.

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