The Resilient Retail Game Plan Episode 136

5 Ways To Share The Honest Reality Behind Your Business Without Guilting Your Customer

Podcast show notes

So, the inspiration for today’s episode came out of a conversation I was having with fashion brand consultant, Elizabeth Stiles. We chat often over WhatsApp, sometimes about the things that drive us crazy about small businesses – and on this occasion we both found ourselves bemoaning the recent trend of founders posting negatively framed content about their businesses.

Now, this episode is definitely not about shaming you if you’re having a tough time, or indeed if you’ve recently shared posts on social media to this effect! What I really want to discuss today are the risks of implementing such a strategy, the damage it can do to your brand and ultimately why it’s important to understand that there should be a line when it comes to sharing content built around your small business.

In today’s podcast, we’ll talk about compassion fatigue and not shifting your problems onto your customers. I discuss how retail is theatre, and how we as small business owners need to offer up escapism. We’ll also look at how to positively reframe your struggles and challenges, by thanking those who are supporting your small business and how we can authentically connect with our audience by “sharing the scar, not the wound”.

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