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Free small business support, packed with useful tools and information – from checklists, to e-books, workshop replays and more. Choose yours…

The first freebie you'll need

Start Your Small Business

Do you have an idea you’re itching to bring to life? This toolkit is jam-packed with ideas and tools to get you started.

  1. Start your small business checklist – a step-by-step guide from idea to reality.
  2. Introduction to pricing – a mini-course on the importance of setting your product prices correctly
  3. Driving traffic to your website – an e-book on getting eyes on your small business
Great for ambitious retailers

Grow Your Small Business

Whether you want to grow your sales, your online presence or both, this toolkit is for you. Designed for anyone who has started their product business but is ready to see more results.

  1. E-book – Driving traffic to your website – a run down of all the ways you can push your sales
  2. Workshop replay – The Launch Lowdown with Elizabeth Stiles
  3. Introduction to wholesale – my mini-course with Therese Øertenblad
Totally free toolkit

Scale Your Small Business

Looking for the next step in your business?  This toolkit is for established businesses ready to go to the next level.

  1. E-book – 101 things to think about when you’re scaling your business
  2. Stock management e-book
  3. Workshop replay – The Launch Lowdown with Elizabeth Stiles

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