3 easy tips for nailing your small business’ stock levels for Christmas 2022

We’re in the all important final sales quarter and there’s one question on retailer’s and brand’s minds – how much stock to order for Christmas? It can feel very abstract and difficult to quantify how much a small business might sell during the busiest periods of the retail year, however there are some starting points […]

Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Wondering what you should do for Black Friday? One question I often get asked around this time of year is what I suggest that small product businesses should do for their Black Friday marketing. If you want a full run down of my suggestions for all your Christmas promotions, check out this blog post and […]

How to have a successful Christmas

The early bird…  Christmas – and the build up to it – is without doubt the busiest period of the year for the retail industry and certainly for independent product businesses – so if I could advise just one thing – plan ahead! And this year more than ever it’s going to pay to be […]