3 easy tips for nailing your small business stock levels for Christmas 2024

3 easy tips for nailing your small business stock levels for Christmas

We’re heading towards the all important final sales quarter and there’s one question on retailer’s and brand’s minds – how much stock to order for Christmas? It can feel very abstract and difficult to quantify how much a small business might sell during the busiest periods of the retail year, however there are some starting […]

How to have a successful Christmas


The early bird… Christmas – and the build up to it – is without doubt the busiest period of the year for the retail industry and certainly for independent product businesses – so if I could advise just one thing – plan ahead! June, July and August are the summer months so people are away […]

The Complete Guide to Black Friday and Christmas Promotions for Small Businesses 2023

Christmas Promotions

Remember, just a few years ago, when we would look forward to the Christmas Promotions and post-Christmas sales. Beginning on Boxing Day brands big and small would slash their prices. Usually, these price reductions were reserved for retail stores – think clothes, electronics, children’s toys, and other products.  That was before. Forget Boxing Day sales […]

How to Get Your Bricks and Mortar Store Ready for Christmas 2023

bricks and mortar Christmas

Bricks and mortar christmas store, like boutiques, artisanal stores, and independent retailers, face another tough Christmas period. In 2022, footfall slumped 27% on British high streets after Christmas. Online mega-retailers like Amazon, eBay, and other digital stores are hoovering up the Christmas custom. Except: consumers still want to buy their products on the high street.  […]

8 Enticing Black Friday marketing ideas for small businesses

The Resilient Retail Club - 8 Enticing Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Wondering what you should do for Black Friday? One question I often get asked around this time of year is what I suggest that small product businesses should do for their Black Friday marketing. If you want a full run down of my suggestions for all your Christmas promotions, check out this blog post and […]

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