Starting a small business from home Top tips from Catherine Erdly

Whether you find yourself bursting with small business ideas, think that you’ve spotted a gap in the market or are simply just tired of the 9 to 5 and are ready for a change, starting a small business from home can seem like the perfect option – but it’s not without its challenges and a […]

How To Start A Business After Being On Furlough

During 2020 people took up new hobbies from cold water swimming to learning a musical instrument but there were a large number of people who used their new found time to plan starting their very own business. ‘Furlough-preneurs’ were born! And what’s more many of the businesses provided innovative solutions to enhance our daily lives […]

7 Ways To Boost Your Confidence When Starting A Business

Starting your own business taps into many skills but what it relies on in abundance is confidence. In the early days of founding and launching your business you’ll be busier than you’ve ever known, they’ll be hurdles, challenges and the best of times. With all of that going on your confidence might go up and […]

How to start a business when you don’t have any money

So you’re thinking of starting your own business but you don’t have any money? This is a much more common scenario than you might expect and because of that there are ingenuous way to get you started. The grid Set up an Instagram account for your business, it really has become a go to place […]

7 Inspiring Podcasts For Anyone Starting A Business

This week I want to share 7 inspiring Podcasts for anyone out there starting your own business. 1 – The Resilient Game Plan Right – I’m going to be bold and put my very own podcast at the top of the list. The Resilient Game Plan has been a labour of love and I’m so […]

How to come up with a business name

You’ve made the huge decision to start your own product business, you’re passionate about your product and you are passionate that your customers will love it. Now for the all-important name! It’s much harder than you think right? As you start to research potential names I imagine you’ll realise how important the name is – […]

How much money to start a business?

When you first look into starting your own business you’ll soon discover that there is very little information available on how much it actually costs to start and run a one. Yet it’s possibly one of the most frequent questions that I’m asked – ‘how much am I going to have to pay out at the […]

The Resilient Retail Product Business Survey: Part ‪3‬

Welcome back to the final episode of my three-part analysis of the 2021 Resilient Retail Product Business Survey. In the previous two episodes, we’ve had a look at the numbers that the 300 plus respondents submitted, in an effort to find some realistic benchmarks to work against, and we also reviewed how those business owners […]

The Resilient Retail Product Business Survey: Part ‪2‬

Welcome back to my analysis of the 2021 Resilient Retail Product Business Survey. Last weeks episode was all about the numbers, and hopefully, you were able to draw inspiration from some of my key takeaways and use the statistics I shared to help you benchmark whereabouts your business currently stands and what you can do […]

UK Business Ideas – Top Tips on Starting a Business

If like many people you’re thinking of starting your own business – read on! I want to give you lots of UK business ideas but I’m not going to only include the good stuff (although there is plenty) as it is important to stress that thoughtful research and preparation is the first step to starting […]

Creating a cash flow forecast template for your business

Put very simply cash flow is the amount of money coming in and out of your business, and in this blog post, I will show you how to create a cash flow forecast template. When you sell a product to a customer cash comes in but for that to happen cash flows out – on […]

How to add a Subscription Box to your Product Business

Have you thought about the subscription box model for your product business? Curious about how it works, and whether your business would be a good fit for it? Moira Fuller, subscription box entrepreneur and Founder of Subscription Box Academy  shares the key information you need to know to consider one… How the Subscription Box model works […]

How to start a successful small business online store – an essential guide

Are you looking to start a successful online store as your small business venture? Then you are not alone.  Although the traditional brick & mortar stores still make up the vast majority of all sales, online shops or internet-based businesses are on the rise. According to Statista, the online shopping market reached a whopping $3.9 […]

How to start an online business in 2021

Are you wondering how to start to start an online business in 2021? Maybe you are currently on furlough or perhaps you have decided that the time has come for you start your own business and be your own boss. If you are thinking of starting an online business in the UK, but don’t know […]

7 things you can do for your business right now

Here we go again. If you have a creative product business, you’re probably wondering what to do now with another lockdown coming in to force during this crucial part of the year. How can you help your business during this time? Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify Listen to the podcast or read the blog […]